Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let's Talk Shopping

Did you get gift cards and cash for the holidays? Do you like to get more for your money? Do you want to go to the mall and “throw it in the bag”? Then do what I do! I only shop BIG at certain stores twice a year. Why? That’s when they have their semi-annual sales. The sales are usually in June/July and December/January and the discounts are MAJOR. Stores that I save for these times of year are…

Bath and Body Works

I love their candles and the True Blue Spa collection. As for their regular products, I’m not going to spend $10 on body wash or lotion in February when in June I can that very same product for $3.

Victoria’s Secret

If any of you HBC’s need to step your undergarment game up, this is the time to buy. Why spend $7 on one pair when you can get that same pair for $3? Also the Pink collection clearance deals are just about half off. Their beauty products are also on mega sale. So stock up!

Nordstrom, H&M, Macy’s and other mall stores

If stores like Nordstrom or Macys aren’t usually in your price range don’t fret. Now is a great time to go get things on clearance. Keep an eye out for classic pieces and party dresses that have been marked down. New Year’s Eve dress perhaps?

1.      Go to multiple stores and go to the stores often. Sometimes they have weekly specials so if you only go once you will miss out on a deal.

2.      Chat it up with the sales associates and develop a relationship with them. They can let you in on special sales and promotions.

3.      Sign up for emails and newsletters. I have an email account that is just dedicated to emails from retailers. Many of us can have emails sent directly to our phones which is perfect for conveniently checking them right away. This way you won’t miss out on deals because you haven’t checked your email in weeks. (I’m guilty on about of 400 counts of not checking emails)  Creating a separate email account also helps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with “junk” in your regular email account.

4.      Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it! Stay on budget and only buy it you need it, are going to use it and/or really gotta have it.

5.      Stores get merchandise a season before that season comes out. So bathing suits come in around February, when you go in July looking for one they have all been clearanced out. Don’t wait too late and miss out on exactly what you need.

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