Monday, December 13, 2010

Healthy Hair Routine


1) Wash hair (Every 3 days)
2) Aphogee protein treatment (every 6 weeks)
3) Deep Conditioner: Elasta QP DPR-11, mixed with Aphogee Intensive 2minute Keratin Reconstructor 
    and olive oil/coconut oil (Once a week)

1)      Wide tooth comb: Comb out tangles when you have conditioner in your hair. That is the best time to avoid breakage and ripping your hair out
2)      Boar bristle brush: This is the best brush for distributing natural oils from the scalp through to the ends of the hair. It’s also soft and gentle on hair.
3)      Rat tail comb: This is the best tool for making small parts and scratching your scalp pre-wash.
4)      Spray water bottle: In case you’re doing a style that requires hair to be re-wet such as a twist out. Also some people like to take out twists or braids on wet hair.
5)      Shears: To clip split ends. Don’t use regular scissors to cut your hair.
6)      Clips: To section hair and hold in place.
7)      Magnetic rollers and large bobby pins: For some extra body
8)      Hooded Hair dryer: That you can sit under, for roller sets and deep conditioning.

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