Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite YouTubers

The internet is a very helpful resource for information. If you need hair and makeup help YouTube is a great tool to help with technique or getting new ideas. Here is a list of some of my favorite you-tubers. Each one brings something different and their videos are very helpful for ‘colored girls’ and otherwise. Check them out and learn.

Lilpumpkinpie05- She is a MAC cosmetics makeup artist based in SoCal. She is great for women of color who are afraid to play with color. If you’re one of those women that say “I’m too dark for bright colors” watch her and learn that you can make it work. Her brow videos are great and if you’re looking for ways to apply blues or greens she’s your girl.
XXTheIslandBeautyXX- A daughter of the islands and resident of Japan that is great with makeup and hair. Her foundation tutorial is great if you want to know about highlighting and contouring. I love her quick weave system, watch and place and order.

EyeXluvXmakeup- She is a Bay Area native that has great product reviews and makeup tutorials. She is a new natural hair beauty, she can help with products for people who are transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Mahogany252- Her videos are great for the woman who isn’t looking for a dramatic look. She has great foundation tutorials and reviews on products for hair and makeup. Her videos are great for the more practical girl.

ScandalousBeauty-Based in DC this Billy B lover’s videos are a must see for brown skinned beauties everywhere. She is a former MAC artist and really knows her stuff. She has great foundation tutorials and if you’re into natural hair she has beautiful locs and suggestions for products if that’s the hair journey you are on.

TheFancyFaced- Based in NYC this beauty’s makeup collection is insane. Check out her vids on her collection and storage for organization tips. She loves dramatic looks with lots of color, if you’re searching for a look that is a showstopper she is the one for you.

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