Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Youtubers: Hair Edition

Hello HCB’s today’s post is dedicated to my favorite YouTubers with concentration on hair. Most of us have hair struggles whether it is curl definition or how to retain length these ladies can give you some tips and pointers on how to make your hair the best it can be. 

MlleCafeAuLait- I was searching for someone on youtube with hair that was very similar to my own and I’ve found her. Check out her vids on how to define and make your curls look awesome

Cdawnlewis- I love her videos on deep conditioning and maintaining hair. She has natural long hair and she can show you how to take excellent care of your natural hair. Check out her hair regime and her tips on how to grow long hair.

Longhairdontcare2011- This HCB’s natural hair is amazing. I aspire to be like her when I grow up. She has great tips for hair care and on how to get your natural hair to grow to wonderful lengths.

BEATFACEHONEY- She is a golden goddess and her naturally curly locs are gorgeous. She has a quick video on what she does to define her curls. I usually watch her vids for make up tips and ideas but this one on hair will be great for HCB’s with hair similar to hers.

Some of the others that I mentioned on my first favorite youtubers post (see here) also have great hair videos. Thefancyfaced aka Tina has amazing hair and she will show you what to do to get a look similar to hers using an Instyler. Erin aka ScandalousBeauty has quite a few videos on natural hair and loc’d hair. XXTheIslandBeautyXX has great videos on her quick weave system that she now sells. Mahogany252 and EyeXluvXmakeup have great videos on natural hair and transitioning from relaxed to natural. 

*click the colored links to go to the videos

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